How to become a yoga instructor

Choosing Your Yoga Instructor -Not enough people look into their yoga teachers teaching credentials. It's advisable to do this as part of your research before choosing and participating in yoga classes. In British Columbia Canada alone you can teach yoga with a training starting from 35 hours of training upwards of 500 hours of training. This makes quite a difference in the teachers knowledge and experience.

how to become a yoga instructor

 yoga instructor

Depending on the facility type will also depend on the designation of the teacher's working. City run facilities and fitness facilities generally require a minimum of the Yoga Leader designation. Private studio's have a wide range of teacher requirements, from students to 500hr RYT.

Before you take a yoga class it is beneficial to look on the facilities website or make a phone call to find out the teachers background. Even if it is just so you know what to expect from the class.

As yoga becomes more and more popular it is also becoming safer for the practicing public. Up until recently anybody could call themselves a yoga teacher. Some governing bodies are emerging and trying to ensure the amount of knowledge and skill the instructors have is up to an acceptable level to keep their students safe before an instructor can call themselves a "RYT" or a Registered Yoga Teacher. 

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There are also different levels of RYT's. If you are planning on becoming a Yoga instructor or even just studying yoga for the enhancement of your own practice you want to be sure that you are picking a recognized school and/or teacher. Some of the Organizations that use the "RYT" designation are Yoga Alliance (a US company but it is know and used worldwide), International Yoga Teachers Association (worldwide) and Yoga BC (a newer organization in British Columbia only). 

The registered yoga teacher designation has a 200hour and a 500hour level, which is the hours spent training followed by a practical exam and a written test. There are also higher levels which are teachers of teachers, this is more of a concern when you are training to be a yoga teacher.

In British Columbia there is another designation through the British Columbia Recreations and Parks Association. This designation is called a BCRPA Yoga Leader and the training involves 35 hours of training and an evaluation. Often people with this designation have other existing designations such as Personal Trainer, Pilates Leader, Weight Trainer and/or Group Fitness Leader.

So depending on what you are looking out of your yoga practice be sure to check into your yoga teacher credentials. To keep yourself be sure to only put yourself in the hands of a yoga teacher that you trust.

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