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What Makes an Attractive Book Cover?

It’s given to always implement high caliber writing style when creating a book. But the thing is, people don’t care the content of the book because if it has failed to capture their attention, then it won’t make a sale. Bottom line is, the most significant aspect of your book design and marketing process at the same time will be the visual of your book cover.

When designing a book cover, always remember that the less is more. Believe it or not, simple and straightforward idea applied on the cover is enough to bring complicated designs. If for instance that your cover have failed to grab your reader’s attention and create curiosity, then as unfortunate as it is, you have lost the sale.

Here are several tips to ensure that your book cover is visually effective.

Tip number 1. Study the same book covers – try visiting some bookstores in your local area or in the internet. Look through the books that are in similar categories similar to yours no matter if it is about cookbooks, fishing, self-help or romance novels. If you go to the store’s section where someday you’ll be, what is the first cover that caught your attention?

Ask yourself what you’ve chosen that cover, is it something about the color, scenery or people on the cover, boldness of title and so forth. In the cover, assess what are the worst and best.

Tip number 2. Colors – colors bring psychological effect on your cover. If for example that you’re writing a book regarding meditation, you will probably not go for red or black cover because it is suggesting fear, anger, death, guilt or danger. Rather, the more appropriate color for your cover will be blue or white as it’s more soothing and peaceful.

Again, consider checking out other books that are also in the same category as yours and observe what colors they used.

Tip number 3. Author’s name and title – unless you are popular and prominent author, your name should appear at the bottom part of the cover. Your name will be the least selling point of the book so it must not be the first words that your customers would read. What you should do instead is to put your title at top and make it big, preferably, bigger than your name.

When you do so, make sure that it’s clear, that it stands out and it’s readable. Using simple fonts are way better than utilizing fancy scripts, which makes the letter hard to read or for your title to be misunderstood.

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