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Services Offered by General Dentistry

One of the most in demand nowadays is the general dentistry and the things it offers to the clients. There are actually a lot of dental procedures that the general dentistry would cover. General dentistry covers wide range of procedures, from x-ray, CAT scans, or up to molds of the teeth. If ever that you had undergone CAT scan, x-rays, or mold done, this all will fall under the category of the general dentistry. As far as the dental treatment would go in the general dentistry, you can be able to find that most of the general dentists will also ofer some of the following services that is included below.

The first is filling services which is done to restore the tooth. The fillings are composed of gold, mercury, porcelain, and also composite resins.

Next is the crowns which are actually fitted over the broken teeth or the damaged teeth. Th corwns can help maintain the stucture of the teeith and aid from further damage.

The dental bridge is used to anchor what is remaining to the teeth or crowns. The appliance is fitted to the natural teeth on either of the sides of the gap in order to help in securing the replacement teeth proper place.

The next service offered by the general dentistry is the root canal therapy which is a treatment done when the pulp in the tooth becomes infected and will aim to save the tooth from damage. This kind of procedure can actually be done by the general dentist or by the specialist.

One can benefit also from the dental bonding which is done to help treat the chipped, cracked, or misaligned teeth. The materials that is being used is actually composed of the composite resin that hardened and will be fused into your teeth with the help of the light that is shined on it.

Dentures is the next service offered by the general dentistry that will make use of the false set of teeth in order to replace those that is missing and makes it look like natural. You can choose from the natural or to the full dentures.

Last on the list is the treatments of the maxillofacial or the term used to describe the jaw, mouth, and the face in general that treats the TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder and also include dental implants.

Thus, the dental treatments that is being mentioned above are actually the most common of all of the services offered by the general dentists that that client can choose upon. There are also wide range of cosmetic procedures that the clients can choose that the general dentist can do like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and the famous veneers

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