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Fed Biz Ops – A Way to Market Your Business to the US

Fed Biz Ops is an online listing of live federal business opportunities which is constantly updated and made available within the private sector. For those businesses which have complied the required registration to sell to the government, they are eligible to register on Fed Biz Ops and can review the posted solicitations. There are many kinds of federal business opportunities that small, medium and large business organizations can do on fed biz ops and as the business owner, you can identify these solicitations to decide which one would you be most qualified.

In this article therefore, you will be introduced to the Fed Biz Ops, as the business owner, and will be explained to you briefly on how best to market your business to the United States Federal and State Government Agencies and be able to target qualifying solicitations.

Your first step in selling to the government is by registering your business on Fed Biz Ops. You will have the opportunity to list all the capabilities of your company, give your contact information, website address and other important information, if you register. Know that these government agencies are also scanning fed biz ops for qualified suppliers for their numerous government contracting projects that are not advertised, in the same way as companies are seeking federal business opportunities on which they can submit bids.

It is recommended that you will be as thorough as possible when registering your business on fed biz ops, plus you make sure to include any and all NAICS under which your firm operates, and also other self-certification status if applicable and registered as small business, minority owned, women owned, disabled own, vet owned and so forth.

As you seek federal business opportunities, it is advisable that as a business owner, you maintain a realistic point of view. Once you have registered, it is very much recommended that you search government contracting agencies which are within your NAICS and self-certification status where contracts in government have been allocated.

Another thing to remember is to review the preliminary qualifications on each solicitation to make sure that your business meets all the criteria to submit the bid. In order for you to be able to identify a solicitation that is advantageous or not and if a logical federal business opportunity for your company, you are to review documents such as FAR, solicitation guidelines, performance work statement, statement of work, and modifications for qualifications like length of time in the business, your yearly gross sales requirements, and additional certifications or registrations, past performance requirements and other important details.

Note that billions of dollars-worth of federal business opportunities are awarded to fed biz ops annually.

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