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Glucosamine for Joints

Glucosamine is a substance that is made up of a sugar and an amino acid. Glucosamine can be synthesized in the body of a dog and other animals and this functions reduces with age of the dog. Glucosamine is a major component of cartilage found in joints of animals in general. A form glucosamime known as N-acetyl glucosamine is required for synthesis of connective tissue in the GIT of organisms like dogs. Glucosamine sulfate is also used in the body to increase the viscosity of synovial fluid which is a component of joints, this prevents friction in the joints and this prevents arthritis. Glucosamine has importance attached to it in the body of an animal especially for dogs for their need to be fast, it is however not adequate as the body does not synthesise it i bulk in old age and this necessitates use of supplements to avail it.

Naturally occurring foods like meat and bones can be fed to dogs to avail glucosamine to them. Glucosamine supplements are synthetic and are used to supply it for dogs. These supplements are made better by flavouring them to improve their intakes by the pets. Three different form of glucosamine are availed as supplements judging from their side chain components as sulfur, a chloride and an acetyl group. Glucosamine sulfate can either be synthetically produced or as a product of shells and is the most common of the three forms.

Glucosamine hydrochloride is a product of shells and is of higher concentration than glucosamine sulfate. N-Acetyl glucosamine is the third form and is a precursor of a component of synovial fluid found in joints known as hyaluronic acid. The acetylated form of glucosamine has yet another function in strengthening the mucosa of the GIT.

Glucosamine is deficiency leads to arthritis, this is however avoided by use of supplements that’s avail it in the body of the pet in bounded form and this glucosamine is then used as a precursor for several joint components to maintain healthy joints. Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are both required for healthy joints of dogs and other animals, they can be provided to these animals as supplements. Use of glucosamine is considered safe to use if taken in little quantities per day and their use discontinued after about two years. Excessive consumption by pets leads to stomach upset and diarrhea and should therefore be given under prescription of a veterinary doctor. Intake of glucosamine is important in dogs for their mobility and therefore its deficiency should be addressed early.

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