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What You Do Not Know About Viking Jewelry

What we see in movies makes us believe that Vikings were mean warriors. It is not easy to believe a warrior can put on jewelry. The designs the Vikings engraved on their ornaments were so beautiful that they were skilled designers. The intricate pieces only came about later when the Vikings gained confidence after practicing with simple designs.

We buy jewelry so we can make ourselves beautiful, but Vikings did not use them for this reason. Vikings used jewelry to measure their wealth and as money They used rings to make their arms and necks beautiful. If they came across something they wanted, they would turn to the silver rings and use them to pay for the services and commodities. Hack silver came about because they hacked the rings from their bodies. The Vikings did not use gild often in making their jewelry. Most of the jewelry came from bronze and silver instead of gold.For the women, bronze brooches became a common piece of adornment.

The Viking society had a range of jewelry to choose from, including the brooches. The men and women of the Viking society put all shiny metals in their bodies in the form of jewelry. They had a soft spot for rings which they put on their fingers and arms. The Vikings placed a lot of importance to arms rings and bands. They had the rings and bands to use for beautifying their bodies and as a currency. apart from using the bands and rings as currency, they used them as a show of riches.

They buried jewelry in burials sites and hoards. the Vikings believed the dead needed jewelry and other valuables to make their lives comfortable, living after they died. Therefore, they buried valuables with their deceased. The Vikings faced several attacks from invaders; therefore, they buried their valuables to protect them such invasions. Vikings did not live in one place for too long and needed to keep their valuables safe.

Vikings lived many years ago, but their culture lives among us today. Businesses have come up to sell the Viking jewelry. Those who appreciate the Vikings culture adorn themselves with such pieces. The main piece of jewelry you can find in shops selling Viking jewelry is the Viking bracelet. In line with the Norse myths. The bracelets have dragons and serpents. Dragon bracelets incorporate two dragon heads and a leather wristband which has two heads at either end. Vikings embraced many small pattern son their ornaments which are also present in the Viking bracelet you can find today in various shops. Since the Norse myth features a serpent that will swallow its tail and a serpent bracelet can emphasis a wearer’s belief in the myth.

The Best Advice About Jewelry I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Jewelry I’ve Ever Written