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Ways to Launch Your E-Book

It is said that the success in your digital self-publishing will largely depend on how the value of your book is perceived and how strong is your marketing plan. Do not rely having a great piece of work and expect an online retailer and similar platforms to make the promotion for you. You should remember that there are over a million books and added new titles every day that these e-book platforms carry. And given this scenario, if you leave your book on there without efforts to make it known, it will get lost in the crowd. It is therefore advisable that you spend some cash to promote it and do some work. For those authors working on a budget, using the internet will make things easier and cheaper.

To promote your e-book, one idea is to create a so-called customer ascension model where you use your first book as a teaser to build up your rating as an author and gain popularity, to the extent that some smart authors would price their books at a very low cost and even offer it for free at a limited time. You can also inform families and friends as to where you are selling your book by sharing links with them.

Getting good reviews and recommendations from your readers is a great manner on how you can increase your sales in the future, especially if your readers are into social networking.

Another idea to promote your e-book is to through free promotion, but at the same time be careful on how you present your offer so as not to diminish the perceived value of your book.

Developing coupons for readers of some print publications and inserting them in the magazines for them to collect in exchange of getting hold part of your work is another way to promote your e-book. With this kind of promotion, your potential customers will have easy access to your work with less cost on your side in the developing of the coupons.

Another way in promoting campaign your work is by connecting with bloggers especially people today are into social media. Based on observations, it is said that the very same people who subscribe to blogs also are lovers of e-book. The blog community is said to be incredibly open, with thousands of them already considered as popular bloggers in a country, that you can easily connect with and see if you can plug in your work.

Always remember that you made your book not for yourself but for the readers who you aimed to purchase your book and enjoy on what you wrote, and further, include in your marketing plan the market readers you are targeting for your book.

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